Sunday, April 25, 2010

A few more little projects

I decided that I needed a break from power-washing and re-staining the fence, so I stopped by my favorite stone store and picked up a little more flagstone and a few more pieces of limestone chop block. I put the flagstone across the front of the coop - but I didn't get quite enough so I will have to get a little more to finish it up. The chop block went on the end along with a little of the left over dirt from the other raised beds. A quick stop to Home Depot and I got a Jasmine and a few deep red geraniums to make it look a little more finished. The downside is I like it so much that I think I should add another little flower bed on the far end of the coop too!

The chick(ens) and really at home in the coop now - they enjoy the roosts that are outside - in the late afternoon they get some nice sun and the girls like to perch there and sun bathe a little.

I did manage to get some staining done - but I admit I didn't make much progress. I spent a lot of the weekend doing things with the kids - they deserved it after so many weekends of working on the coop and yard and helping care for my mom (she has been recovering from several surgeries the last few months).
This week I have to hit the road for work again, so the staining will have to wait for the weekend. I am hoping to maybe get one side fence done - but it is fairly slow going. I tried using a power sprayer but to be honest I don't think it was a lot faster than just using a paint brush - so I think I will keep working away at it the old fashioned way :)


  1. Hi! I found you from the backyard chicken forum and I have to say, I just love your coop. I'm trying to decide on a design because my husband finally said I can have a few chickens. We live not too far from you in Leander.

  2. Hi Michelle! I really love the way the coop turned out - but I have to give credit to the Garden Coop folks. I used their plan - I added the little windows and stretched the size out a tiny bit more - but they get all the credit for the design :) Have fun building yours - it is a big project but so rewarding when you are done!