Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Moving Day!

Moving day has arrived! The coop is all stained, the roosts are in and the ladder is done. The picture on the right shows the "fully furnished" version of the hen house with paper shavings for bedding and the roosts in place.

The chicks were nervous at first but very soon after being put in the hen house they found their way down the ladder and were pecking around in the grass and checking out the dust bath we made for them (under the house in the white block area). I am so thankful to be done enough to have them outside and get my living room back to the way it was meant to be - chicken free! I still need to build nest boxes and add them, but these girls won't start laying for at least another 20 weeks so I have some time for those!

The garden is also growing like crazy and starting to really look like a garden - not just little green shoots coming up. The mesculin that was just a few little leaves poking up into the air is now nearly ready to harvest. I am hoping to harvest some of it for a family dinner on Sunday.

The picture of the lone flower on the plum tree that I posted back in early March? Now the tree is covered with tiny green fruit that with luck will ripen into delicious plums. I say hopefully because last year with the drought we had the tiny little green plums all fell off - but there are so many this year that I have hope.

I have people coming to reposition some sprinklers to accommodate the raised beds later this week and the gate to enclose my yard at my alley entrance is scheduled for next week, but right now I am just going to enjoy being done with the coop!


  1. That is one gorgeous chicken coop!

  2. Thanks Betsy - it took a little longer than I thought it would to finish, but I am happy with it and think the girls are going to enjoy their new home! :)

  3. Looks awesome! I am starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel for our coop. I think when it is all finished, I'll post pics of the stages to BYC. We have been steady working a stage or two behind you. Seeing your progress has been an inspiration! Thanks for sharing : )

  4. Thanks Christina - send me a link when you post your pics - would love to see it!