Friday, May 21, 2010

Free rangin'

Well, it has been much too long since I have gotten out in the yard and the grass needs mowing and the pecan flowers(?) need to be raked up - but there was no time for that today. But I got out long enough this afternoon to let the girls out to see how they would do "free-ranging" in the yard. It took them some time to build up their courage enough to come out and when they did they didn't go far from the door. They haven't figured out their way around much yet so when one wandered in and the others were outside there was quite a bit of anxiety caused by the separation but eventually they figured it out. I think I will have to keep an eye on them as they get braver and go farther into the yard because it only took them about 5 minutes to mow down the bean plant that was growing by the corner of the coop. It was a Lima bean plant that my daughter planted at school and since I don't like Lima beans at all I have no sadness over the girls munching away on it. Besides - greens are good for them :)

I still need to plant something in the bed at the far end of the coop. I am wondering what I can plan that might stand a chance of survival pitted against the four of them and I am thinking not much! But maybe if I rig up some kind of wire cover to protect seedlings they could graze on the green bits that come through the wire. I definitely need to put up a barrier so when they get brave enough to cross the driveway they don't eat up my whole garden.

It was fun to see them out - I think they enjoyed pucking at bugs and seeds - but they didn't go near the big fuzzy caterpillar that went right by them. Guess the fuzzy ones aren't a flavor they like :)

The new chicks come next week - hopefully Wednesday so I will post new pics then and with luck and weather on my side maybe I can even get my yard cleaned up enough for a few more pics and updates. I have empty spaces in the garden and I am feeling the need to plant more ... but the question is more of what?

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