Sunday, May 23, 2010

Let the harvest begin

After what seems like weeks in the house and away from home, I spent most of the weekend working in the yard and I am so happy. It looks so much better! The Butterfly Bush is starting to bloom and both bushes have really grown a lot and filled in and I think they are going to be gorgeous this year when they are in full bloom.

I also got some new plants in around the mail box - last year I have annuals that burned up - so I went with some perennials this year - Bee Balm and some purple salvia - the tags say deer won't eat them and at my house only the plants at the street edge are usually in danger of being munched - so I am hopeful they will leave the new plants alone. I also have a Satsuma Mandarin in front that nearly burned up last summer and ultimately froze to death over the winter - so I replaced that with a self-pollinating nectarine which should have pretty pink flowers in the spring and of course the added benefit of fruit for the kids and I. It doesn't get a huge amount of sun where I had to put it - so it may not have much fruit but we will hope for the best.

It was also a good weekend for starting the harvest in my garden! I got enough tomatillos along with a handful of cilantro and a tiny red onion that I was able to make some salsa just adding a few store bought tomatoes. My tomatoes are just starting to turn red and I think in another week or two I am going to be overloaded with them - which means canning season will begin! I was a little bummed today because some of my potatoes had turned yellow and looked dead so I went to pull them out and was happy to find a handful of potatoes! The brownish looking things in the picture with the potatoes are from my "Chocolate Cherry" tomato. They are not pretty but the taste ok - although I have to say as tomatoes go they aren't the best so I will skip those next year.

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