Thursday, March 11, 2010

Another day

Well I don't have too much new to report today - other than a cold which kept me out of the garden when I got home from work. However, when I got home, I saw signs of spring with the first Iris blooming in my front garden. The sun was starting to set, so I apologize for the bad lighting in the picture, but try to picture it with the sun glistening on the beautiful salmon colored petals and the striking blue-green foliage coming up all around it. Truly a sign of spring and new beginnings!

The chicks are all doing fine and getting stronger and showing personality. The smallest of them all is the bravest - she is one of the Easter Eggers - every time I put my hand into the brooder she runs to the front and pecks at my fingernails. I am not sure if she is protecting everyone or thinks I have treats for her! The others are not quite as brave yet - but when held and softly stroked on their neck and back they close their eyes and relax. So I think they are starting to get used to people. I think they may also be getting used to Oliver (our cat) he loves to watch them (yes they are protected by hardware cloth so he can't get to them).

So on to another day - tomorrow I head to buy coop supplies - they will need to be delivered so they should come Saturday morning so I can start the work! More to come!

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  1. Iris looks beautiful!!! looks like chicks are enjoying the protein food and your cat...seems like it is babysitting the chicks ....have fun building the coop!!!