Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Peep peep peep!

The baby chicks arrived today! The one on the left is called a Silver Cuckoo Maran - when she is grown she will lay dark chocolate brown eggs, so we decided that since Easter is nearly here she should be named Cadbury!

The other three (center in the pic below) are all Easter Eggers - but we don't know what colors they will be when they grow up (or which color egg they might end up laying, blue or green or pinkish brown)- so we are still working on names for them - suggestions are welcome!

It has been a busy day - after the chicks arrived and I went to retrieve them from the post office I came home and got them introduced to the brooder. after dipping their beaks in the water and the GroGel (nutrient powder you mix with water - that's the green stuff in the picture above. Once they were settled in I got back to work on my real job. A few hours later the bell rang and it was one of the contractors I asked to give me a bid on putting a gate across the end of my driveway to fully enclose my backyard so that I can keep deer and dogs out and the chickens in (when they get older). That was no sooner done than another truck pulled up - this one loaded down with two cubic yards of garden soil and another 1/2 ton of limestone chop block to finish off some other yard projects that I started last year!

The kids got home from school just before 5 and they went crazy when they saw the chicks were here! They were so excited - they spent the next two hours holding the chicks and petting them and just watching them. By the end of the evening the chicks would just sit on their laps - so cute!! Even Oliver, our cat is adjusting. He watched them all day from different vantage points, but didn't make any aggressive moves. Of course, he will still be separated from them when we aren't home or are sleeping - I'm not taking any chances :)

So it has been quite a day and I am going to relax now with a nice glass of wine to relax while I plan out the frenzy of coop building and garden finishing that needs to go on this coming weekend!

G'night everyone!

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