Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Rosemary, but no chicks

Well unfortunately no fuzzy little peepers arrived today - they are still in transit. I talked to the post office and they think they will probably get here in the morning. They said they will call me as soon as they arrive in the building (which they said is typically 5:15am) and I can come pick them up. So I am hoping for a wake-up call from the post office tomorrow! I'm pretty sure the kids will be a little late to school if our little fluff bundles make there way here.

Even with no chicks it was a beautiful day in the hill country today - sunny and mid-70s. In March! Spring and Fall are why I love it here. In my evening garden check today I noticed that I have Red Swiss Chard sprouting up little leaves with bright red stems, the garlic is just starting to poke through the soil and the rosemary has lovely blue flowers. The transplanted cabbages, Brussel sprouts, broccoli and cauliflower are all looking good and finally seem to be growing. I wondering if there might have been too many leaves in the compost which might be making the soil a little to acid (I have read that can happen) - so this weekend I may buy a soil kit to test it and see. Of course a lot depends on the chicks and the coop building plans for the weekend. Soil tests may need to wait :)
So not much new tonight - hopefully more exciting news and pictures tomorrow!


  1. Coool lovely blue flowers....amazing!!!!

  2. They are the flowers on the rosemary in my garden - they look lovely as garnish on anything you make that has rosemary in it. Personally I like them floating in rosemary and lemon martinis! :)