Monday, March 15, 2010

Trial and error

Well - I guess when you try something new a little trial and error is expected. Unfortunately my "error" means I have to move the back row of "piers" for the chicken coop. I neglected to take into account the four inches of depth for both the front and back walls, so the foundation piers are several inches off. I am smart enough however to move the back row, instead of the front row, so I have less re-digging to do since the back row is mostly above grade due to the slope of that part of the yard. So although I was extremely proud of myself for managing to get all 7 additional blocks in place and level - I have the back row in the wrong place. So I am a little less proud knowing that I will need to do them over. I took a little time off from work this afternoon to try to get ahead - too bad I have to take a few steps back to undo the misplacement. However, the silver lining is that the back row really requires very little digging so my back will be thrilled!

So more on the silver lining front - the fall veggies are looking great. I ran out of time before the sun went down to get them sprayed with some liquid seaweed fertilizer, but it is supposed to rain tonight and tomorrow (I hear it outside my window right now actually) so maybe that's better saved for a day when it won't all wash away right away. :)

The chicks are doing really well - they are starting to understand that people mean treats, so when we put a hand in the brooder they come running. They still aren't too fond of getting picked up, but we got Milkshake and Cadbury to relax
and just enjoy getting strawberries with no one chasing them!

We also finally came up with a name for the last chick. She is so fluffy and her cheek tufts are so big that they nearly poke her in the eye - so my daughter thought that "Pouf" was a perfect name because she looks like a big pouf of feathers. So we now have Amelia, Pouf, Cadbury and Milkshake. I'm not sure if these are appropriate names for chickens or not - but those are their names none the less. Its amazing how quickly they grow- they are all starting to get real feathers on their wings and everyone except Cadbury (in the pic below with the strawberry) has the start of tail feathers too.

So with rain and a wet muddy yard I am quite certain I cannot move the piers tomorrow - and Wednesday will also probably be too wet - so I am on hold for at least a few days - unless I can work on the roof assembly in the garage - but I'm not going to count on that. Perhaps a day of no building, no digging and no heavy lifting will do me good :)

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  1. Names of the chicks do sound quite apt for each of them....they are interested to try strawberries?? thats kooool